Journal History

Organum (Management and Accounting Scientific Journals)  was established in February 2018 by the Faculty of Economics and Business, Winaya Mukti University. Previously, it was named Winaya Mukti Economic Journal and published from Volume 1 Number 1 July 2015 until Volume 2 Number 1 July 2016. In 2018, Winaya Mukti Economic Journal was overtaken from Bachelor Study Program of Faculty of Economics (Jl. Pahlawan 69) by Faculty of Economics and Business (Jl Turangga Raya 25) based on Rector Decree Number 421/010/SK/UNW-REK/VIII/2017 Pengelolaan Program Studi Ilmu Serumpun Universitas Winaya Mukti.  Winaya Mukti Economic Journal changed its name to Organum and restarted the publication from Volume 1 Number 1 June 2018, in consequence of the regulations changes and management improvement such as changes in journal naming, editorial boards, reviewing, the layout of manuscripts and as an advancement towards national accreditation and to be reputable international.